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Nan van Houte

Per 1 March 2019 Nan van Houte handed over her position as the Secretary General of IETM. 

Nan van Houte is a cultural manager with an academic background. For 15 years she has been directing Frascati theatre in Amsterdam. Before and after she was active in the development of cultural policies and programs and as a producer, dramaturge, tutor and journalist. Her focus on the creation of a more inclusive sector and the role of arts in society, got an international dimension in her last position as Secretary General of IETM, international network for the contemporary performing arts (www.ietm.org), with its 500 member organisations in 50 countries. She is the chair of the Board of Dancing on the Edge (artistic exchange with Middle East and North Africa) and co-created Breaking the Silence, a long run theatre and radio play on the impact of genocide in Cambodia and Rwanda. In the near future she will co-curate the performing arts programme in Eleusis 2021, European capital of Culture.

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Should Our Funds for the Arts Pay for Cultural Democracy?

Should Our Funds for the Arts Pay for Cultural Democracy?

17 March 2019

Nan van Houte expresses a desire for funding bodies to take their responsibility and support cultural democracy without compromising the existing subsidies for the arts.