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Neil Silcox is a part-time instructor in acting, directing, and theatre-making, as well as an actor, director, and producer. 

Neil Silcox has worked as an actor, director, and teacher for over 15 years, working with theatre companies large and small across Ontario. He directed the critically-acclaimed Toronto Fringe hits: Heartbeats, and other ways to say “I Love You”; Harvey & the Extraordinary; and Roxy. He has taught acting, directing, and theatre-making with York University, the University of Toronto, and Sheridan College, and is currently an instructor at Brock University. Neil's research is dedicated to helping teachers everywhere improve their craft - he is the founder of the Canadian Theatre Educators’ Conference and  Got Your Back Canada’s Actor Educators’ Conference.

The State of Acting Training in Canada

The State of Acting Training in Canada

A Summary of the Results from Got Your Back’s 2018 National Survey

3 November 2019

Sarah Robbins, Neil Silcox, and Jennifer Wigmore share findings from Got Your Back Canada’s national survey on actor training in the country.

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