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Nicole Limón

Actor/director/dramaturg/Profe. Founder of Matriarchy Theatre and Sacramento Theatres of Color.

Nicole C. Limón is an actor/director/dramaturg and theatre faculty at CSU, Sacramento. She is founder of Matriarchy Theatre, resident artist with Teatro Espejo and has a special interest in directing diverse contemporary works for the stage. Recent directing: EVERYBODY; DANCE NATION (CSUS,) QUANTUM (Matriarchy,) FADE; WATER BY THE SPOONFUL (Teatro Espejo,) and BY THE WAY, MEET VERA STARK (Celebration Arts.) Her production of SWEAT by Lynn Nottage won six national awards at KCATF including for overall production, ensemble collaboration, and directing. Recent dramaturgy: THE HOMBRES, CLYDE’S, FADE (Capital Stage.) She is a Theatrical Intimacy Choreographer committed to creating consent-forward spaces for artists, associate member of SDC, and a 2022-23 NEA grant recipient. In 2023 she co-created JUST A PUNCH: A UTERUS PLAY, an original devised play about women+ reproductive healthcare. She holds an MFA in Acting from UC Davis and studied at the Centre for Indigenous Theatre in Toronto.

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Cultivating Abundance Through Community Care with Nicole C. Limón

Cultivating Abundance Through Community Care with Nicole C. Limón

4 April 2024

In this episode, Nicole C. Limón shares her origin story, tracing back to pivotal moments of realizing her worth and breaking through societal invisibility in the theatre world. From co-founding Movimiento Molcajete to birthing Matriarchy Theatre, Nicole unveils her journey, embodying resilience and community care. Tune in to explore the transformative power of authenticity, the art of manifesting abundance, and the future of leadership in the evolving theatre industry.