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Ogutu Muraya

Storyteller, Artist, Writer, Scholar, Organizer

Ogutu Muraya is a writer and dramatist whose work is embedded in the practice of orature. His art seeks new forms of storytelling in which socio-political aspects merge with the belief that art is an important catalyst for questioning ineluctable facts.

He studied international relations at the United States International University-Africa in Nairobi/Kenya and graduated from the Academy of Theater and Dance at the University of the Arts in Amsterdam/Netherlands with an MA in 2016. He has been published in the Kwani ? Journal , Chimurenga Chronic , Rekto:Verso , Etcetera Magazine and NT Gent's The Golden Book series , among others.

His performative works and storytelling have been featured in several theater performances and festivals including La MaMa (NYC/USA), Hay Festival (Wales/UK), HIFA (Harare/Zimbabwe), SICK! Festival (Manchester/UK), Ranga Shankara (Bangalore/India), Afrovibes Festival (Amsterdam), SPIELART Theaterfestival (Munich/Germany), Zürcher Theater Spektakel (Zurich/Switzerland), Festival Theaterformen (Brunswick/Germany), Theater is A Must Forum (Alexandria/Egypt), Theater Commons Tokyo (Tokyo/Japan) and within East Africa.

Ogutu is based in Nairobi, where he continues his artistic practice and has also taught part time at the Department of Film and Performing Arts at KCA University. Currently he is running Maabara Atelier Group of companies which focus on performance incubation, touring, science and technology, investment, collaborations, film and creating art using the Maabara Method.

event poster for ecotheatre Decolonizing the Colonized Narrative.


Decolonizing the Colonized Narrative

Wednesday 12 July 2023
Ghana, Kenya, Burundi