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Oliver Mayer is the author of over 25 plays, including Members Only, the sequel to his ground-breaking  play Blade to the Heat. Other plays include Fortune is a Woman, The Wallowa Project, Dias y Flores, Dark Matters, Conjunto, Young Valiant and Ragged Time. He wrote the libretto for the opera America Tropical. Among several collections of his published work, his first children’s book Big Dog on Campus (Figueroa Press) premiered at the 2014 LA Times Festival of Books. Oliver is an associate professor with tenure in Dramatic Writing at USC's School of Dramatic Arts.

My Theater Mecca On Lake Michigan

My Theater Mecca On Lake Michigan

Teatro Vista

14 May 2014

For an American playwright today, where is Mecca? Where does it all come together: actors of high quality who give maximum effort to a new script; directors with a sense of humor to match their ability to move bodies in space and make moments that signify on stage; audiences who not only love going to theater but do so a lot and make it part of their daily lives; and great bars before and after the show? Mecca (for me anyway) is Chicago. And my most recent hajj was to Teatro Vista.