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Olivia Lilley

Artistic Director of Prop Thtr in Chicago, IL. Writer/Director using devising processes in New Play Development. Producer building new models that give greater power to artists.

Olivia Lilley is a playwright, director, and deviser who came up in Chicago's DIY scene. She uses a devised process to create and develop her plays that she's been honing since 2013. Olivia's work often ransacks classic literature or non fiction with a collective and builds a new story for the current moment. Part Mary Zimmerman, Part John Cassavettes, Olivia's work is actor centric while also boldly multidisciplinary. She often collaborates with choreographer Kelly Anderson. Olivia is Artistic Director of Prop Thtr. She was the founding Artistic Director of The Runaways Lab Theatre and currently sits on their advisory board. She's an Artistic Associate at Pivot Arts, and she's curated at The Museum of Contemporary Art. Olivia attended Carnegie Mellon School of Drama for Directing, and Interlochen Arts Academy for Music Composition.

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Creating Authentic Stories Through Collaboration

Creating Authentic Stories Through Collaboration

On Devised Theatre in the US

23 July 2020

Holly Holsinger, India Nicole Burton, Olivia Lilley, and Stefan Brün talk about devising in the United States, how each artist works differently, the future of American theatre, and more.