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Onisajé holds a Bachelor’s degree in Performing Arts, graduated as theater director from the Federal University of Bahia’s Theater School and a master’s in performing arts from PPGAC/UFBA for the work she presented “Ancestralidade em Cena: Candomblé e Teatro na Formação de uma encenadora” (2016), under Advisor Prof. Sonia Rangel, Ph.D. As a doctoral candidate, she is developed research elaborating her ongoing project “Teatro Preto Candomblé: Um estudo sobre encenação e atuação afrodiaspórica,” under the direction of Prof. Luiz Marfuz, Ph.D. Onisajé has written and directed the shows “Siré Obá–A Festa do Rei”, “Ogun–Deus e Homem,” and directed the plays “Exu–A Boca do Universo”, “Traga-me a Cabeça de Lima Barreto!,” and “Pele Negra, Máscaras Brancas.” She is a Yakekerê (second high priestess) at Ilê do Axé Oyá Ládê Inan, in the city of Alagoinhas-Bahia, Brazil.

Four people kneeling around bowls of water.
Teatro Preto do Candomblé’: The Art of Eco-Reconnection

Teatro Preto do Candomblé’: The Art of Eco-Reconnection

21 April 2022

Onisajé shares the creative process of Teatro Preto do Candomblé, which trains actors using the rituals and liturgy of Candomblé as a method of actor training. Through immersion in this African diasporic religion, Teatro Preto do Candomblé’s methods center reciprocal relationships with the environment and activate individuals’ connection to their Blackness.

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