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Oscar Lozano

Oscar is a writer and performer investigating nonperformance as a form of political dissent. He has performed in Paris, New York, Abu Dhabi, and Barcelona, appearing in projects by Gerard & Kelly, Zoukak Theater Company, Rubén Polendo, and Sarah Blush, amongst others. He has an ever-growing engagement in movement, and is collaborating with Lenio Kaklea in the development of a movement piece in the Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers, France. He has assisted artists such as Trajal Harrell or the YES Men, and led a series of theatre workshops for Iraqi and Syrian refugees in Zarqa, Jordan. Oscar began exploring solo performance with an adaptation of Fernando Pessoa’s one-act play, The Mariner (2013). His most recent work, No Brakes (2015), tackles the refugee crisis in Jordan, exploring the perils of identification and the importance of refusing to narrate trauma for another’s consumption.​



A Circuit of Theatrical Desires

30 September 2016

Writer and performer Oscar Lozano reports on the artistic and labor movement in France among theatre professionals and in doing so considers the public theatre, social performance, and the role of intermittents (contract and short-term creative professionals) in the global Occupy protests.