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p1nkstar creates a world far removed from this dimension’s binaries through music and conceptual shows, merging pop with urban latin and club. She has been described as “early Aughts Paris Hilton on Hello Kitty steroids” by The Austin Chronicle, who crowned her as their Pop Princess in 2020. Since 2016, p1nkstar has rapidly become an emblematic figure in the Texas arts and nightlife scenes by opening inclusive spaces that center the work of trans and queer artists.

p1nkstar is the first trans person to receive an Austin Music Award and has received three Best of Austin awards for her space-making work in the city. Most recently, she was featured on the cover of Austin Woman magazine, representing the future of Austin women in music. She was also featured on Billboard speaking against Texas’ Anti-Trans Initiatives, and recorded a Live Session with NPR. p1nkstar has been on the cover of The Austin Chronicle, The Austin American Statesman and Austin 360—and her music has been selected in Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist. In 2021, p1nkstar directed and produced a feature-length film “GIRLS LIKE US” which celebrates the work of transgender musicians across Texas, and received critical accolades across Central Texas.

p1nkstar’s work has been exhibited at The Contemporary Austin, Blanton Museum of Art, The Visual Arts Center, SXSW, Fusebox Festival & The Roots & Culture Contemporary Arts Center in Chicago & she has supported acts like Crystal Waters, Charli XCX, Pussy Riot, The Ladies of LCD Soundsystem, Alok V. Menon, Dorian Electra and more.

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Making Space for Queer Futurity in Texas

Making Space for Queer Futurity in Texas

16 August 2023

Austin’s pop princess, p1nkstar, shares the story of her evolution from performance artist creating a pop star persona for Instagram to real life pop star to community leader creating spaces for fellow trans artists to showcase their work in Texas. This episode also features guest co-host Melissa Lin Sturges, coordinator of the annual Doric Wilson Panel for the Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE) LGBTQ+ Focus Group.