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Pardis Mahdavi

Pardis Mahdavi, PhD is associate professor and chair of anthropology at Pomona College. Her research interests include gendered labor, human trafficking migration, sexuality, human rights, youth culture, transnational feminism and public health in the context of changing global and political structures. Her first book, Passionate Uprisings: Iran’s Sexual Revolution was published with Stanford University Press in 2008, and her second book, Gridlock: Labor, Migration and ‘Human Trafficking’ in Dubai, also Stanford University Press, was published in 2011. Her third book, From Trafficking to Terror: Constructing a Global Social Problem was published with Routledge in 2013.

Beyond Victims and Villains

Beyond Victims and Villains

From Ethnography to the Stage

29 July 2014

I had become exhausted from fighting the trafficking fights... The result has been policies that do more harm than good, and wide scale media misrepresentations of the problem. Those of us doing the actual on the ground fieldwork—talking to survivors, working with people who have experienced the harrowing challenges of exploitation—have been writing against the wave.