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Patrick Blenkarn

artist based in Vancouver, Canada

Patrick Blenkarn is an interdisciplinary artist and director based in Vancouver, Canada. His recent works feature sustained investigations into the history and function of the book, the imperialism of the English language, the use of video games in performance, and the production of value within cultural economies. His work has been featured in film festivals, galleries, and performance festivals, including Risk/Reward (Portland), SummerWorks (Toronto), rEvolver (Vancouver), RISER Projects (Toronto), and the Festival of Recorded Movement (Vancouver). He is an archivist with videocan and one of the co-creators of culturecapital. Patrick has a degree in philosophy, theatre, and film from the University of King’s College and an MFA in interdisciplinary art from Simon Fraser University. patrickblenkarn.com

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Shuffling Performance Discourse

Shuffling Performance Discourse

22 June 2020

Milton Lim and Patrick Blenkarn talk about culturecapital, their arts trading card game that offers a window into the complex relationships artists have with public funding, being socially relevant, and navigating a rapidly changing landscape of ethics, politics, and economics within the arts.