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Paula Cizmar

Paula Cizmar is an award-winning playwright and librettist whose work has been produced all around the world.

Paula Cizmar is an award-winning playwright/librettist whose work often takes a poetic approach to social issues. Her plays include: ANTIGONE X (published by NoPassport Press); THE CHISERA, presented at Palm Beach Drama Works’ 2022 New Year/New Plays Festival; and DOMINION, currently being developed at The Odyssey Theatre in Los Angeles. Her audio play, THE VIG (INGLEWOOD-90303), can be heard on The Zip Code Plays, Season 2, the Ambie-nominated fiction series produced by Antaeus Theatre Company. She is one of the writers of the documentary play SEVEN (produced in over 30+ countries and translated into 22 languages). She wrote the libretto for INVISIBLE, music composed by Guang Yang, presented at LA Opera’s Eurydice Found Festival and West Edge Opera’s Snapshot; and FIRECRACKERS! (composer Guang Yang), which premiered at White Snake Opera’s Let’s Celebrate! festival in Boston in 2023. She produces climate change arts actions and is the co-creator and curator, with Michael Bodie, of SACRIFICE ZONE: LOS ANGELES, a documentary multimedia project that highlights activists who work for environmental justice. More info: www.paulacizmar.net


The Journey to an Eco-Play

The Journey to an Eco-Play

18 September 2016

Playwright Paula Cizmar discusses the process of making her eco-play The Chisera (AKA Lost Borders)