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Philip Rademeyer

Philip Rademeyer is a South African writer and director. He co-founded the award-winning Cape Town-based theatre collective, Rust Co-Operative, with Penelope Youngleson in 2012. He has written, co-written and directed six productions for Rust Co-Operative, including The View (Oscar Wilde Award for Best New Writing and Doric Wilson Intercultural Dialogue Award at the International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival 2013, nominated for the Rosalie van der Gucht Prize for New Directors 2013, nominated for Best Production at Aardklop 2013, published by Junkets Publisher in 2012); Siembamba (2014 Standard Bank Silver Ovation Award, selected for 2014 Amsterdam Fringe Festival); and Ashes (2015 Standard Bank Ovation Award, published by Junkets Publisher in 2016). Outside of his work with Rust, he has also directed Jean Genet’s The Maids, Chaeli Campaign’s In The Wings (2015 Standard Bank Ovation Award), and has lectured part-time at the University of Cape Town. He completed his Masters in Theatre & Performance (Directing) at the University of Cape Town.

Interview with RUST Co-Operative

Interview with RUST Co-Operative

20 June 2016

In this first installment, Paul Adolphsen interviews Philip Rademeyer and Penny Youngelson, the co-founding members of South Africa’s Rust Co-Operative who will present two pieces at the National Arts Festival.