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Phillip DePoy

Phillip DePoy began his work as a writer in 1965 with the Actors and Writers Workshop. Ten years later, he was a published poet and acquired a Master’s degree in Performance Art. Soon thereafter, he became a writer in residence for the Georgia Council for the Arts and a nationally reviewed performance artist. In the 1980s, he was the composer in residence for the Academy Theatre. Then, in the 1990s, he was the Artistic Director of Theatrical Outfit, a professional, Equity theatre. Since then he has served as the Director of several university theatre programs.

Fiction publications include Flap Tucker mysteries published at Dell (one was a Shamus finalist), and seven Fever Devilin novels. He also has a stand-alone book called The King James Conspiracy from St. Martin's, and a non-fiction The Tao And the Bard from the Arcade house. There have also been forty-two productions of his plays, including the Edgar Award winning Easy, best mystery play of 2002. His most recent theatrical achievements include Edward Foote at the Alliance Theatre and the twentieth national production of Appalachian Christmas Homecoming. Coming in 2016 are two new fiction series: one featuring Christopher Marlowe in the court of Queen Elizabeth I, and the other concerning Foggy Moscowitz, a Jewish car thief from Brooklyn working for Child Protective Services in 1970s Florida.

Black Lives Matter, Ferguson, and Troy Davis

Black Lives Matter, Ferguson, and Troy Davis

Writing about a Moving Target

6 November 2015

Playwright Lee Nowell talks about the development of Beyond Reasonable Doubt: The Troy Davis Project and speaks with playwrights Gabrielle Fulton and Phillip DePoy about creating work today that deals with race.