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R. Réal Vargas Alanis

R. Réal Vargas Alanis is an indigiqueer, 2-Spirit artist, excelling in directing, playwriting, acting, and producing with a focus on social justice.

R. Réal Vargas Alanis is an indigiqueer, intersectional artist hailing from the barrio of Winton, CA (Yokut). A multifaceted creative, their talents include directing, playwriting, acting, dramaturgy, fight choreography, and producing. Renowned for their dedication to social justice, Réal specializes in developing new work that amplifies marginalized stories and artists. Réal currently serves as the Artistic Director of the arts and advocacy organization, IN THE MARGIN, leading a diverse ensemble of intersectional and interdisciplinary QT,BIPoC artists.  Réal was a plenary speaker at National New Play Network's (NNPN) Transcending the Transactional Conference in 2021, where they were introduced as an industry leader. They were an inaugural member of the NNPN Bridge Producing cohort and served as the Executive Producer for The New American Theatre Festival 2021. The Latinx Theatre Commons recognized them as one of "the best Latinx comedic talent in the country" and is a recipient of the 'Arts Disrupter Award' from Culture Power and the California Arts Council. Réal is a member of the Latinx Mafia, Bay Area Native Theatre Artists (BANTA), Latinx Theatre Commons' Advisory Committee, and serves as a Casting Director with Bay Area Casting Collective.

An actor holds another by the hair in a pool of light onstage.
Claiming Our Places in the Legacy of Latinx Theatre

Claiming Our Places in the Legacy of Latinx Theatre

2 January 2024

In this installment of the Latinx Leaders at the Forefront series, artistic directors Mark Valdez and R. Réal Vargas Alanis discuss their work, diving into the impact of Latinx theatre and the Latinx renaissance in our midst.

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