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Robert Goodwin

Robert C. Goodwin is the Associate Director of Education, Engagement at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF). He is a multi-disciplinary arts practitioner having worked as an actor, producer-deviser, and arts educator. Last season he stewarded OSF’s Take them into the Dirt: An Immersion which was a devised participatory theatre piece that explored personal constructs of legacy using the juxtaposition of traditional storytelling modes with virtual reality, 360 filmmaking and projection techniques to explore how we consume and are affected by modes of storytelling. 


Decolonizing Creation Processes by Reclaiming Narratives

Decolonizing Creation Processes by Reclaiming Narratives

28 May 2018

Robert Goodwin and Mary Kathryn Nagle discuss decolonizing Western theatre, linear narrative structures, the historic silencing of underrepresented voices, Shakespeare, and more.