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Rude Mechs

Rude Mechs is an ensemble-based theater collective from Austin, TX, committed to:

  • Creating original, live performance for the new canon;
  • Serving as cultural ambassadors for our home city and state as we tour nationally and internationally;
  • Mentoring emerging theater artists;
  • Articulating the practice of collaborative creation and advocating for devised work in the field;
  • Sharing material resources with the community;
  • Providing free or low-cost work space for artists of all disciplines;
  • Keeping our productions and programs affordable;
  • Engaging the audience as collaborators in our art-making process; and
  • Fostering confidence and creativity in young women through the power of performance.
The company of Rude Mechs.
Making Friends to Make Shows With to Show Friends

Making Friends to Make Shows With to Show Friends

16 April 2013

The Rude Mechs explain how their method of including their audiences – inviting them to join in on the creative process – helps to better engage their patrons... and their artists.