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Sabina England

Sabina England is a filmmaker, playwright, performance artist, and ASL poet based in the Midwest. She studied at London Film Academy and University of Missouri, having received a certificate in filmmaking and B.A in Theatre respectively. Sabina has written a few plays which were produced in London, UK. Her first narrative film Wedding Night (2010) had a sold out premiere screening at Tribeca Cinemas in New York City. Famed movie critic Roger Ebert once wrote about her in his newsletter, having praised her silent comedy videos. Sabina, being an ASL poet and performance artist, has performed in a few festivals around the country including Washington DC, Seattle, and San Francisco; she plans to bring her deaf poetry solo performance art show Allah Earth: The Cycle of Life to the St. Louis Fringe Festival this summer. She is also a self-published novelist who wrote and published her first book called Urdustan: A Collection of Short Stories. Sabina is the recipient of St. Louis Visionary Awards for Best Emerging Artist of 2016.

Deaf Playwriting

Deaf Playwriting

A New Art Form

7 April 2016

In this installment, Playwright and poet Sabina England shares her process for creating performances for deaf and hearing audiences.