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Sally Lobel

Sally Lobel is an early career dramaturg and advocate for disability rights and representation, both onstage and off.

Sally Lobel is an early career dramaturg and disability advocate. She received her B.A. from Northern Arizona University, majoring in Comparative Cultural Studies with minors in Theatre and Cinema Studies. Sally is currently an Artistic Apprentice at Hartford Stage, where she's contributed dramaturgy to productions of Molly Smith Metzler's Cry it Out and Octavio Solis' Quixote Nuevo. Last season, Sally was a Literary Intern at the Wilma Theater, where she worked on productions of Mr. Burns, a post-electric play, Romeo and Juliet, and the world premiere of Kate Tarker's Dionysus Was Such a Nice Man. An avid reader and traveler, Sally is always happy to have coffee, nerd out, and learn new things.

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When the World Isn’t Made for Your Body

When the World Isn’t Made for Your Body

How Interconnected Access Benefits Multiple Communities

1 December 2019

Introducing the second installment of the Parent-Artist Advocacy series, Sally Lobel talks about how the parent-artist community and the disability community have the potential to be excellent accomplices and allies.