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Sandra A. Daley-Sharif

The "Swiss Army Knife" of Theatre

Sandra walks into the room, and straightaway you see a striking woman with lots of style, full generous lips, a profile that rivals Nefertiti... an unforgettable face. She walks further in, and you see, this is a woman comfortable in her skin. You begin a conversation, and find, she is effusive! She is passionate. She has a point of view. Always! She is generous, but direct. Her mind is quick. She takes you in. You are seen, and you actually enjoy that rare, true, and honest encounter. 

The story goes, and this is the short list, that she is a Visual Artist, A Dancer (… back in the day), A Designer (She traveled the world, they say; had her own fashion line, and worked for Diane Von Furstenberg), An Actor (the list is long), Award-Winning Producer, Director, Writer, Life Coach, Artist Coach, Dramaturge. I don’t know how old she is!!?? Or, how she manages it, with a husband and two kids. She is tireless and undaunted. She is INSPIRED and INSPIRING! She is unapologetically the "Swiss Army Knife" of Theatre.

Friday Phone Call # 34

Friday Phone Call # 34


28 June 2012