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Scott Dexter

Dr. Scott D. Dexter, Professor of Computer and Information Science at Brooklyn College, has long been intrigued by the many intersections between computing and the humanities. He is co-author of Decoding Liberation: The Promise of Free and Open-Source Software; he has received funding from the National Science Foundation to investigate programming, creativity and aesthetics, as well as computing and ethics; and he has implemented a Random Sonnet Generator for Robert Viscusi's epic sonnet cycle, Ellis Island. With support from Brooklyn College's Wolfe Institute for the Humanities, he is completing a book project tentatively entitled American Android: Race, Gender, and Artificial Humans in the US, 1835-2719. For the Harry Watkins Diary project, he develops and maintains the Drupal infrastructure and advises on XML and electronic publishing.

Theatre History Podcast # 37

Theatre History Podcast # 37

Examining the Diary of Nineteenth Century Actor Harry Watkins with Dr. Amy Hughes, Dr. Naomi Stubbs, and Dr. Scott D. Dexter

3 July 2017

Dr. Amy Hughes, Dr. Naomi Stubbs, and Dr. Scott D. Dexter discuss the diary of Harry Watkins, a nineteenth-century actor, playwright, and stage manager.