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Sebastián Eddowes-Vargas

Escritor. Me pierdo en la vida y en el teatro.

Writer. Getting lost in life and theater.

Born and raised in Lima, Perú. Mostly a playwright, sometimes a director, usually an educator, now trains as a dramaturg at the David Geffen School of Drama at Yale. His work has been presented in Brasil, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Perú, the UK and the USA. Of all the plays he has written, his favorites are "Hasta que choque el hueso" (with Mario Zanatta), "Una historia de (poli)amor," "El Rancho de los Niños Perdidos" and "Can the Peruvian speak?" He has two unproduced plays looking for a home. He usually writes about queerness, migration, and coloniality. Most of his plays are comedies, though. He has worked as dramaturg for artists as Eric Ting, Mildred Lewis, Tirso Causillas, Laurie Woolery and Laura Goodenow.

A woman looks skeptically toward the camera.
Negotiating the Migrant Self in Maia Novi’s Invasive Species

Negotiating the Migrant Self in Maia Novi’s Invasive Species

15 August 2023

Maia Novi’s testimonial play Invasive Species tells the story of one Argentinean immigrant’s experience constructing her sense of self in the United States in the face of the limitations on her identity that she encounters in her new home. Sebastián Eddowes-Vargas, a Peruvian living in the United States, reviews the production with an eye toward the way that Invasive Species embraces complexity, humanity, power imbalances, and even humor.