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Sharmon Hilfinger

Sharmon J. Hilfinger is a San Francisco Bay Area playwright and producer. In 1998, she founded BootStrap Theater Foundation with a mission to help bootstrap theater artists to visibility. Arctic Requiem: The Story of Luke Cole and Kivalina is her fifth play with music written in collaboration with composer Joan McMillen, and their third play tackling environmental issues. Imaginal Disks: A Tale of Transformation (2001) explores manipulating both nature (GMOs) and human nature; got water? (2003) is an environmental activist play for high school actors. Their two other plays with music are Tell It Slant (2009 & 2010), about Emily Dickinson and Hanging Georgia about Georgia O’Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz (2011 & 2013). Hanging Georgia is scheduled for a production next spring at Columbia College in Columbia, SC. Sharmon's other full-length plays include An Ideal Mother (1993), A History of Things that Never Happened, and Deuce (2006)

Mourning Becomes Arctic Requiem

Mourning Becomes Arctic Requiem

The Story of Luke Cole and Kivalina

22 September 2015

Playwright Sharmon Hilfinger discusses how she developed Artic Requiem: The Story of Kivalina with composer Joan McMillen.