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Shawn Whitsell

Shawn Whitsell is a Nashville-based journalist who has contributed to publications such as The Connect Magazine, The Tennessean, The Rage, The Messenger, Sidelines, Music & Ministry and others. He is also a playwright, actor, producer, director, and Founder/Artistic Director of the Destiny Theatre Experience and Co-Founder of the Shades of Black Theatre Festival. When he's not doing theatre, he works as an activist, performance poet, and drama/spoken word teaching artist in schools, prisons, libraries, and community centers. His favorite thing is being “Daddy” to eleven-year-old Destiny. Follow him on IG at: @shawn_whitsell and @destinytheatreexperience. 

Coloring Music City's Theatrical Landscape

Coloring Music City's Theatrical Landscape

26 April 2018

Artistic Director Shawn Whitsell talks about the importance of Nashville, Tennessee's black theatre community.