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Sophie McIntosh

Sophie McIntosh (she/her) is a playwright and theatermaker based in New York.

Sophie's writing gives voice to women and queer folks, offers empathetic insight into living with mental illness, and lovingly riffs on the cynical sincerity of young adults. She is the co-founder of Good Apples Collective, a developmental orchard for new theatrical works that she co-leads with her collaborator Nina Goodheart. Recent productions of Sophie’s work include the world premiere of macbitches (New York Times Critic’s Pick) at the Chain Theatre, the premiere of cityscrape at Good Apples Collective, and the college premiere of Eleven Months of Nuclear Summer at Notre Dame University. Sophie’s plays have also been developed by Pioneer Theatre Company, the 24 Hour Plays: Nationals, the Bechdel Group, and Breaking & Entering Theatre Collective. Sophie is a proud recipient of a BA in drama from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and is currently working toward an MFA in playwriting at Columbia University.

An actors holds a fork over an actor lying on a table, as if preparing to stab him.
Care, Collectivism, Midsummer, and Macbeth

Care, Collectivism, Midsummer, and Macbeth

22 January 2024

Sophie McIntosh recounts her experience seeing Double Feature’s productions of Macbeth and A Midsummer Night’s Dream in one Brooklyn brownstone. The directors of the two shows prioritized care and collectivity and aimed to throw away power structures, despite their limited resources. As a person who has historically felt alienated by Shakespeare, Double Feature helped Sophie discover that Shakespeare was allowed to be for her too.