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Theresa Rebeck

Theresa Rebeck is a widely produced playwright, novelist and television writer. Past New York theatre productions of her work include The Understudy at the Roundabout and Mauritius at the Biltmore Theatre on Broadway. Omnium Gatherum (co-written, finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in 2003) was featured at the Humana Festival, and had a commercial run at the Variety Arts Theatre. Ms. Rebeck has published two bestselling novels, Three Girls and Their Brother and, Twelve Rooms with a View. She has written for many television shows including NYPD Blue, for which she won a Peabody Award, and Law & Order: Criminal Intent. She is currently in pre-production on a television pilot for NBC, executive produced by Steven Spielberg, entitled SMASH. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two children.

Interview with Michael Ritchie

Interview with Michael Ritchie

12 June 2011

Theresa Rebeck, playwright, interviews Micheal Ritchie, the Artistic director of the Center Theater Group about the delima between programming a theater season for subscibers and programing a theater to attract new audiences.

Interview with Ed Stern

Interview with Ed Stern

6 March 2011

Ed Stern, former Artistic Director of the Cincinnati Playhouse, shares his experiences of curating new works and the reactions of the community; both good and bad.

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