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Todd Anderson

Todd Anderson is a digital poet and web artist focused on building websites and Chrome extensions for use in live performance as both a solo performer and member of the digital performance group H0t Club. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Code + Liberal Arts at Eugene Lang College of the New School. He also helps run Babycastles, an indie-game gallery and event space, the Illuminator, a guerrilla projection collective and School for Poetic Computation, an artist-run creative tech school. He is perhaps best known as the host and curator of WordHack, the five-years-running language + technology talk series every third Thursday at Babycastles.

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“Model User Behavior”

“Model User Behavior”

13 January 2021

As part of the Performing the Internet series, Martim Galvão and Todd Anderson have a conversation about the unconscious “performance” and emotional journey of web browsing, internet mixtapes, building websites for performance, and more.