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Yukie Shiroma

Yukie Shiroma has a MFA degree in dance from the University of Hawai‘i Manoa. In 1987, she started the dance program at Mid-Pacific Institute where she served as School of the Arts dance director until 2006. For over thirty years, she has studied Okinawan classical dance and theatre with Master Instructor, Cheryl Yoshie Nakasone, director of Jimpu Kai USA Kin Ryosho Ryukyu Geino Kenkyusho. In 2006 she received a teaching certificate in Okinawan dance from Master Nakasone. As co-founder and Artistic Director of Monkey Waterfall, she creates, performs, and teaches dance and mask work nationally and internationally.  In 2006 she received an Individual Artist Fellowship Award from the Hawai‘i State Foundation on Cultural and the Arts.

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14 June 2013

Yukie Shiroma explores the multifaceted layers of her artistic life in the multicultural environment of Hawai'i