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The Cultural Phenomenon of Rejecting Shakespeare

I am an undergraduate student at Texas A&M University-San Antonio. My research interest in Leo Tolstoy's vehemently rejecting Shakespeare Essay has become a research interest for graduate school. Leo Tolstoy's astute attention to detail is a exhibition to literary research practices and techniques.

Tolstoy, Leo, et al. Tolstoy on Shakespeare : A Critical Essay on Shakespeare. Translated by V. G Chertkov, Funk & Wagnalls, 2006.

madeline sayet holding a paper shakespeare mask
Interrogating the Shakespeare System

Interrogating the Shakespeare System

31 August 2020

Madeline Sayet argues that promoting Shakespeare as the best writer of all time is a dangerous and white supremacist viewpoint, and she believes it’s time to interrogate the Bard’s placecent as the pinnacle of theatrical achievement.

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