Livestreaming on this page on Monday 28 June and Tuesday 29 June.

Ciudad de Mexico
Monday 28 June and Tuesday 29 June 2021

Livestreaming a Conference: Without Borders: Dramaturgy in the New Decade: In-Person Gathering

Sin Fronteras: Dramaturgismo en la Nueva Década

Monday 28 June and Tuesday 29 June 2021

Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas presents Without Borders: Dramaturgy in the New Decade / Sin Fronteras: Dramaturgismo en la Nueva Década livestreaming on the global, commons-based, peer produced HowlRound TV network at on Monday 28 June and Tuesday 29 June.

LMDA’s mission with this ground-breaking gathering is to ignite a global conversation about the impact / purpose / process / evolution of dramaturgy in the new decade. This conference will ask participants to examine how dramaturgy lives, breathes, and changes during/after the social, political, and economical adjustments that COVID-19 has brought to our lives.

This project is supported in part by an award from National Endowments for the Arts.

The in-person conference in Mexico City is supported in part by Coordinación Nacional de Teatro of the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes y Literatura (INBAL).

Monday 28 June

Puentes: (conversaciones sobre) el dramaturgismo en México / Puentes: (a conversation about) dramaturgy in Mexico
12:30 p.m. PDT (Tijuana, UTC -7) / 2:30 p.m. CDT (CDMX, UTC -5) / 3:30 p.m. EDT (New York, UTC -4)
Original language: Spanish
Hostess: Eréndira Santiago

Puentes is a series of conversations that revolve around the work of the dramaturg and its link with performance and the arts. The guests dramaturgs of season 1 of Puentes will get together to share their experiences and reflect on how dramaturgy lives and breathes in Mexico.

Expedición: en busca del dramaturgista en México / Expedition: in the search of the dramaturg in Mexico
3:15 p.m. PDT (Tijuana, UTC -7) / 5:15 p.m. CDT (CDMX, UTC -5) / 6:15 p.m. EDT (New York, UTC -4)
original language: Spanish
Speakers: Gabriela Aparicio, Paola Bonilla, Janeth Piña

Presentation of the project: “Expedition: in the search of the dramaturg in Mexico” by Gabriela Aparicio, recipient of the LMDA Field Grant 2019. This session will be the strike of the process, complemented by the exposure of the soundscape and visual material that resulted from the initial search back in 2019.


Tuesday 29 June

Producir realidad: teatralidades disidentes y la política del dolor / Producing reality: dissident theatricalities and the politics of pain
10:45 a.m. PDT (Tijuana, UTC -7) / 12:45 p.m. CDT (CDMX, UTC -5) / 1:45 p.m. EDT (New York, UTC -4)
original language: Spanish
Speakers: Rocío Galicia

This intervention pretends to show a catalogue of the performing events that take place on the streets as political expressions that expose the discomforts of the citizens and the hopeful experience of building alliances. It is about building bridges of communication between the spectators and the political action on the streets that are inevitably mixed with theatricality and artistic performance.

Dramaturgismo, traducción y adaptación de obras teatrales / Dramaturgy, translation and adaptation of stage plays
3:15 p.m. PDT (Tijuana, UTC -7) / 5:15 p.m. CDT (CDMX, UTC -5) / 6:15 p.m. EDT (New York, UTC -4)
original language: Spanish
Speakers: Lourdes Guzmán González, Alfredo Michel Modenessi

Lourdes Guzmán González (Mexican dramaturg) will start a conversation with Alfredo Michel Modenessi (PhD in Literature and Professor at UNAM, SNI-2, translator and theatre adapter) about the experiences, the complications and the most rewarding aspects of his work as translator of stage plays. Together, they will find the (hidden) links between this work and dramaturgy.

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