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Livestreamed on this page Tuesday 25 August through Saturday 29 August 2020.

South Africa
Tuesday 25 August - Saturday 29 August 2020

Pan-African Creative Exchange's Entangled 2020

A biennial arts market for African artists, developed for national and international presenters and producers

Tuesday 25 August - Saturday 29 August 2020

Pan-African Creative Exchange presented PACE Entangled 2020 livestreamed on the global, commons-based, peer-produced HowlRound TV network at howlround.tv Tuesday 25 August through Saturday 29 August 2020

Tuesday 25 August 2020

First Nation Welcome and PACE Team Welcome

Connecting Africa: Platforms on the Continent and Beyond
How are different cultural platforms disrupting current notions about African arts and creativity?
Host/Moderator: Gregory Maqoma (SA)
Speakers: Gacirah Diagne (Senegal), Ouafa Belgacen (Tunesia), Karishma Bhagani, Sheba Hirst (Kenya), and Olayinka Jacobs (Jamaica)

Creative Intervention 1: Abdoulaye Diallo (Senegal)

Pitching Session 1
Facilitator: Funmi Adewole (Nigeria/UK)

Wednesday 26 August 2020

Creative Disruption and Disobedience on the Continent
How are the arts and creativity used to disrupt the status quo?
Host/Moderator: Ismail Mahomed (SA)
Speakers: Hamish Neill (SA), Beatrice Lamwaka (Uganda), Zerihun Birehanu Sira (Ethiopia), Nada Sabet (Egypt)

Creative Intervention 2: Sonya Rademeyer (South Africa)

Work in Progress Session
Facilitator: Funmi Adewole (Nigeria) + Producers Lab Provocateurs

Thursday 27 August 2020

Disruption and Disobedience in International Touring: Getting Your Work Out There
How to disrupt the status quo and increase African artists’ mobility, visibility, and accessibility?
Host/Moderator: Monique Martin (USA)
Speakers: Kenneth Uphopho (Nigeria), Hope Azeda (Rwanda), Tunde Adefioyi (Nigeria/Belgium), Cornelia Faasen (South Africa)

Creative Intervention 3: Gift Chansa (Zambia)

PATAP Presentations: Hosted by Ricardo Peach and Tegan Bristow (SA)

Friday 28 August 2020

Disruption and Disobedience in Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA)
How to empower children and young people to be change-makers in their worlds?
Host/Moderator: Yvette Hardie (SA)
Speakers: Baeletsi Tsatsi (SA), Grace Wangari (Kenya), Carole Karamera (Rwanda), Veronique Mensah (Namibia), Isra Ghazali (Egypt)

Creative Intervention 4: Sitawa Namwalie and Aleya Kassam (Kenya)

Pitching Session 2
Facilitator: Funmi Adewole (Nigeria/UK)

Saturday 29 August 2020

Disruption and Disobedience: Post-Genre: Stories without borders
What happens if you break away from genres, silos, and dogmas?
Host/Moderator: Karima Kadaoui (Morocco)
Speakers: Arif Star (Senegal) + Julia Drouhin (Australia), Fatimata Ly (Senegal), Oscar Ekponimo (Nigeria), Bronwyn Lace (Botswana)

Creative Intervention 5: Segun Adefila (Nigeria)

The Pan-African Creative Exchange (PACE), an initiative of the Vrystaat Arts Festival, is a biennial arts market for African artists, developed for national and international presenters and producers, providing the highest quality interdisciplinary arts product (theatre, dance, music, craft etc) from Africa, to buyers, artists and the general public.

PACE was born in Bloemfontein, South Africa at a long table conversation between arts professionals from the African continent and international visitors in 2015, and is driven by a "coalition of the willing" from the African continent as well as cultural professionals outside of Africa.

In 2020 there are nine strands to PACE: presenting full shows for tour-ready work; showcasing excerpts of tour-ready work; showcasing excerpts of work in progress; pitching new work; a PACE New Voices programme; a producer’s shadowing and exchange program; critical debate/roundtable sessions; networking programmes; and key PACE programming events.

The aims of PACE are to increase the global reach of Africa’s arts industry to the wider world and to contribute to the continent’s development of future work.

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