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“-re” vs. “-er”  

A Definitive Conversation on the Correct Spelling of Our Artistic Medium

Join HowlRound and a panel of esteemed practitioners, academics, and leaders to discuss a vital and persistent issue in the theatre(er) world: just how should we be spelling it, anyway? Arguments have long raged about the particularities of this choice. Are we talking about the building? Are we talking about the art form? Are we privileging colonial constructs if we select the British option? On 8 April 2022, we’ll focus on what really matters—finding a sense of self in the positioning of two small letters.

Moderated by HowlRound’s Vijay Mathew, this panel includes Todd London, Suzan-Lori Parks, Sir Ian McKellan, Sarah Jessica Parker, Richard Burbage, and Aphra Behn.


....We are definitely just kidding. April Fool's!

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