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Livestreamed on this page on Thursday 8 July 2021 at 7 a.m. EDT (New York, UTC -4) / 12 p.m. BST (London, UTC +1) / 1 p.m. SAST (Cape Town, UTC +2).

South Africa
Thursday 8 July 2021

Unrehearsed Futures

Episode 14: Offerings of Possibility

Thursday 8 July 2021

Unrehearsed Futures: Offerings of Possibility livestreamed on the global, commons-based peer produced HowlRound TV network at howlround.tv on Thursday 8 July 2021 at 7 a.m. EDT (New York, UTC -4) / 12 p.m. BST (London, UTC +1) / 1 p.m. SAST (Cape Town, UTC +2).

Join us for a conversation with South African poet, performer and activist Lebo Mashile about what can be found when searching for possibility in the margins and digital undergrounds in this time of crisis. We will explore models of making and working that are accessible, compact, portable, hopeful and reparative.

Speaker: Lebo Mashile
Organization / School: Poet, Author, Performer

Lebo Mashile is a celebrated South African poet, author, performer, and producer. A sought after speaker and social commentator, Mashile has shared her creative work in 28 countries to date.

She’s the author of the play ‘Venus Vs Modernity: The Life of Saartjie Baartman’ (2019), the Noma Award winning collection ‘In A Ribbon of Rhythm’ (2006), and ‘Flying Above the Sky’ (2008). She has also produced the albums ‘Lebo Mashile Live!’ (2006) and ‘Moya’ (2017).

Her acting credits include the film ‘Hotel Rwanda’, stage adaptations of K. Sello Duiker’s ‘The Quiet Violence of Dreams’ and Pamela Nomvete’s ‘Ngiyadansa’, as well as ‘Threads’, a fusion of poetry and contemporary dance.

Mashile has spent 17 years working in television and media as a presenter, content creator, and voice over artist.

Curator: Mwenya Kabwe
Centre for Theatre, Dance and Performance Studies, University of Cape Town

Mwenya B. Kabwe is a Zambian-born maker of theatre and performance, facilitator of creative processes, a performer, writer, arts educator and scholar with migrant tendencies. Her creative practice is focused on contemporary African theatre and performance, immersive and site specific performance work, live art, collaborative and interdisciplinary art making and re-imagining African futures. She has lectured and taught performance theory and practice in the Drama Departments at the University of Cape Town, Wits University and the Market Theatre Laboratory and is a PhD candidate at the Centre for Theatre, Dance and Performance Studies at the University of Cape Town.

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