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Introducing Taylor Leigh Lamb, Content Editor!

We are thrilled to welcome Taylor Leigh Lamb to the HowlRound team as our new content editor! Starting next week, Taylor will work directly with contributors to collaboratively edit essays and conversations for the HowlRound Journal, transcripts for podcasts, and announcements for HowlRound TV events. With the rest of the team, she will also review and give feedback on content submissions.

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Taylor Leigh Lamb is a writer, theatremaker, and communications professional based in Baltimore, Maryland. She is originally from Virginia Beach, Virginia. The power of art as a tool for political education and to impact social change is something Taylor strongly believes in. Following that value has led her to working in the regional theatre industry, writing for various publications, writing her own plays, producing independent web series, and more. Taylor studied English and Drama at the University of Virginia, where she was the student editor for Iris Magazine. She is currently the community engagement manager for Donkeysaddle Projects. When she's not working on projects that expand people's imaginations, you can find Taylor overanalyzing a TV show that has likely been off the air for over five years.

Please join us in welcoming Taylor!

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