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The New Play Map Scavenger Hunt on Facebook Starts Now! Become a Beta Tester This Week Only



Care to win an awesome prize from the HowlRound crew while helping us beta test the latest Map iteration? Participate in the New Play Map Scavenger Hunt! Three winners will be announced on Thursday afternoon.

To be a contestant, share three links from the New Play Map on HowlRound's Facebook Page. The hunt starts now and the deadline to submit your links is this Thursday, October 18 at 11am PDT / 12pm MDT/ 1pm CDT / 2pm EDT / 18:00 GMT.

Hunt Requirements:

  1. A play that has had ten or more events (development, production, or presention) across the US yet has never been to New York City.
  2. An artist that resides in a state that has less than 1 million people or in community that has less than 50,000 people.
  3. An organization that has supported five or more artists that are local to the organization's geographic area.

Delivering your discoveries: when you copy and paste the link from the New Play Map onto HowlRound's Facebook page, be sure to include some description of what you're sharing: "Play," "Artist," or "Organization." (Hint: this Map is editable by anyone, so if you want to add more information and then submit that link as one of your entries, go ahead!)

Happy Hunting!

Information on Beta Testing This Week: We've just finished the fourth development week of version 4 of the New Play Map and we would love for you to get on the Map this week, enter in your data, and report any bugs, duplicates, or confusing things about it. We want to hear your ideas and suggestions. Use the "Help" link and the "Delete" links to report anything to us. Additionally, we've set up a telephone hotline at +1 617-800-9MAP so you can leave detailed voice messages. You can also just email us or contact us on Twitter @NewPlayMap. We will take your feedback and incorporate it into the fifth and last development week that will complete Version 4. The final release is scheduled for Monday, October 29. For previous blog posts on the New Play Map, click here.



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