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Theatre History Podcast # 25

Exploring Modern Chinese Theatre with Dr. Steven (Siyuan) Liu



Western theatre tends to get most of our attention, but practically every culture has its own rich and vibrant performance tradition. Our guest Dr. Steven (Siyuan) Liu, of the University of British Columbia, is an expert in one such tradition: modern Chinese theatre. Developed as a response to the changing cultural and political landscape of twentieth-century China, spoken-word theatre, or huaju, became an important part of the country’s distinguished performing arts scene.



Dancers Sifeng & Zhou Ping in a 1981 ballet adaptation of Cao Yu's renowned modern Chinese play Thunderstorm. Via the University of Leeds and courtesy of the Shanghai Municipal Culture, Radio Broadcasting, Film and Television Administration.


  • Explore some of the great works of Chinese theatre, from its earliest days to its modern masterpieces, at this site from the University of Leeds.

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Thoughts from the curator

This podcast aims to introduce listeners to the artists, scholars, and archivists who are working to bring the history of performance to life. We hope that, by listening to this show, you’ll learn about exciting new performances, fascinating books, and valuable repositories of knowledge, all of which will help you better understand theatre’s history.

Theatre History Podcast


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