Theatre History Podcast # 7

Getting (Politically) Radical with Amy Brady


Throughout the month of October, the Theatre History Podcast will feature discussions with artists and scholars who study and/or create political theatre. Our first guest is Amy Brady, who talks about her recent article in The Awl on Mary Virginia Farmer and her work with the Federal Theatre Project, in particular her production of the play The Sun Rises in the West.

play poster
Poster for The Sun Rises in the West, 1938. Via the Library of Congress.


  • Read Amy’s piece about Farmer in The Awl.
  • For more contemporary perspectives on theatre, politics, and community engagement, check out Amy’s recent interview in HowlRound with Shaun Neblett of Changing Perceptions Theater and her interview with Suzan-Lori Parks in The Village Voice.

Images from 1938 production of The Sun Rises in the West, via the Library of Congress:





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