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Weekly Howl on Thursday, March 14

How do you see black theater in the 21st Century?

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The Weekly Howl is a peer-produced, open-access discussion about theater culture and contemporary performance that happens on Twitter using the hashtag #newplay.*

Join us Thursday, March 14 for the Weekly Howl on hashtag #newplay at 11am PDT – 12pm PDT (San Francisco) / 1pm CDT – 2pm CDT (Chicago) / 2pm EDT – 3pm EDT (New York) / 18:00 GMT – 19:00 GMT (London).

In conjunction with this week's series focusing on the state of black theater on HowlRound, the Weekly Howl will be moderated by series curator Jonathan McCrory @Movement_NYC and co-hosted by Dr. Kimberly C. Ellis, aka Dr. Goddess @drgoddess.

The purpose of this conversation is to give the community a chance to ask questions and facilitate a space were an active national conversation can be had surrounding black theater in the United States.

On Thursday, get heard in the conversation by searching for #newplay in Twitter (sort by “all”) and by putting “#newplay” somewhere in your messages. Spread the word!

*The hashtag #newplay in Twitter is a commons tag (i.e. non-proprietary, community-invested tag) for aggregating global knowledge, information, and conversation related to new works, new performance, and new strategies in the theater.

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Weekly Howl


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