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2017 LTC International Convening

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Los Angeles, California 8-12 November 2017

The 2017 LTC International Convening at the 2017 Encuentro de las Américas International Theatre Festival was a gathering of US, Latin American, and Canadian theatremakers, scholars, and administrators interested in cross-cultural collaboration and lifting up and strengthening Latinx and Latin American theatre that was held November 8-12, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. See a full list of participants and the international convening schedule.

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Collage of theatre artists speaking, gathering, and performing at the 2017 LTC International Convening.

"We do not call this gathering a festival, but an "Encuentro," because it is an encounter of thoughts and ideas, of creativity and discussion." -- José Luis Valenzuela

On the second weekend of this groundbreaking festival, the LTC gathered in Los Angeles for the 2017 LTC International Convening to attend the performances at the festival, engage in discussions about art-making and aesthetics, and meet Latinx and Latin American practitioners and scholars from across the hemisphere. The productions were in English and Spanish, and the entire convening was bilingual—a first for the LTC. The goal of the convening was to create a space where theatremakers could talk about the work at the festival in either English or Spanish while being understood and celebrated by theatremakers in the other language.

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