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Announcing the Howlympics

An Open Call for Olympics Writing!



Do you love the Olympics as much as we do? Are you a sportswriter in a parallel universe? Now is your time to shine! Inspired by the LA Review of Books’ "We Can Be Heroes: Poetry at the Summer Games," we are proud to announce the Howlympics!

The 2012 Howlympics is an open call for writing about and inspired by the London Olympics. We will accept blog posts of 750 words or less on a rolling basis—submit your pieces by Friday, and we’ll choose the best posts to publish the following week. If your blog is chosen, we’ll pay you fifty dollars too! To submit, email [email protected] with your piece, a headshot, and a one-hundred word biography. Winners will be notified every Monday, and this contest will run through the end of the Olympics on August 12, 2012.

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A series inspired by the 2012 London Olympics.

Howlympics: 2012 Olympics


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I'm on it! I adore the Olympics and several times they have inspired me through a hard transition. The biggest was the '76 Olympics in Montreal as my family waited at the border all summer waiting for papers. Moved from Canada to States my Senior year because of family bankruptcy. Kip Keino, the magnificent Kenyan runner, and Nadia Comaneci lifted me.