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New Play Map Version 4—Update # 2



Q: What does a "knowledge commons" look like?
A: Here's an example.

Q: How is the content and data produced?
A: By the community of users. "Community-sourcing" is its mode of production.

Q: How do I "Get on the Map" (metaphorically)?
A: You put yourself on the Map, and most importantly you can also put others there. The second of five development "sprints" has just completed. As we said in the first post about Version 4 of the Map, we are releasing new features and bug fixes weekly—and doing all of this out in the open so that you can follow along and get involved. Here are the high-level development goals for Version 4 of the New Play Map:

  1. We aim to make visible the working relationships between Artists, Organizations, and Plays by displaying this rich, latent, community-sourced database content in an accessible way.
  2. We aim to make the users' experience on the site more convenient and easier to understand.

With Sprint 2, we released the following features on Monday, October 1st:

  • Artist profiles now show "related organizations." This means that we can now see a list of organizations that have in some way supported the artist in question. (Currently Artist Profiles are showing organizations that have filled-out profiles. In the next sprint, a complete list of organizations that support a particular artist will display.) Example: Artist Hai-Ting Chinn.
  • Organization profiles now display a list of any event/play that an organization has supported, even as a secondary or tertiary partner. Example: the service organization National New Play Network.
  • A "Getting Started Tour" of the website intended to show a new user the three main ways of engaging with the New Play Map. Here's the Tour.

We need your feedback as we release new features every week. Chat with us on Twitter @NewPlayMap or by writing “#NewPlay Map” in your tweets. Tell us what you want, what’s working, and what’s not working. If you’re not on Twitter, email us your thoughts, ideas, or complaints to newplaymap (at) howlround (dot) com.


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