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New Play Map Version 4—Update # 3

New Play Map.


A treasure trove of the new work community's data has been uncovered in this third development week. We released a set of features that displays every relationship between organizations, artists, and events. This valuable data was hidden in the database and we weren't able to bring it to light in the previous version of the Map because of time and technological constraints. We've hit a good stride now where recent tech innovations are finally helping us to deliver on the field's original ambitions.

Here's what this means for you: for organizations, you will see all of the events, artists, and partnering organizations that you've ever had any relationship with listed on your profile. Look at the Lark Play Development Center's profile. You'll see 168 events that they've been a part of, 139 artists that they've supported through these events, and 9 organizations that have partnered in supporting the work represented. Pretty awesome!

For artists, you will see every one of your plays that has been supported through a development or production event, and you'll see a list of the organizations that have supported you. Reminder here: Anyone can edit anyone's profile. We want to encourage that kind of cooperation, ethos, and trust, because you'll see incredible results in terms of how quickly the disparate pieces of data can come to together to create a real narrative.

Click here on End Days for an example of a community-sourced visualization of this play's development and production life. We're rounding the corner now with just two more weeks of development on this version and we really want to focus now on your "user experience." We've set up a telephone hotline for you to leave detailed messages to report bugs or to just tell us what's confusing or frustrating. Here's the number—leave a message and your information so we can call you back for any follow up: (617) 800-9MAP. You can also reach us via email: newplaymap (at) howlround (dot) com, or via Twitter @NewPlayMap. Click here for other posts about the New Play Map.

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