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Alice Stevenson

The Broadway Green Alliance is a non-profit organization that empowers the entire theatre community, on Broadway and beyond, to be more sustainable.  

Alice is a sustainability advocate with a strong interest in all things theatre. Alice joined the Broadway Green Alliance in October 2017, effectively combining her professional background and her interest in the arts, and is currently the Assistant Director of the organization. She works on a variety of programs to ensure that theatre across the country is being done in the most environmentally responsible manner. Alice's academic background is an MA from the Climate and Society program at Columbia University and, following that, she worked in Canada, the US, and South Africa on issues of environmental justice and sustainability.   

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Environmentalism Behind the Scenes on Broadway and Beyond

Environmentalism Behind the Scenes on Broadway and Beyond

28 March 2019

Alice Stevenson shares some of the most successful initiatives of the Broadway Green Alliance, an organization that leads the charge when it comes to advocating for more sustainable practices in theatre.