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Amy Merrill

Amy Merrill is a Boston area playwright. Her play, Silver Spoon (script by Amy Merrill and music and Lyrics by Si Kahn), was performed at Central Square Theater in Cambridge, MA in 2011 and subsequently at MainStage West in 2012. Driving on the Left Side Amy’s play with live, original reggae music, played at TBG Theatre in New York City in 2005. From 2007-2009, Amy served as the New England Regional Rep to the Dramatists Guild.  

Photo for Sweet Dreams, Mr. Heroin.
Sweet Dreams, Mr. Heroin in Lewiston, Maine

Sweet Dreams, Mr. Heroin in Lewiston, Maine

28 November 2014

Amy Merrill writes about Sweet Dreams, Mr. Heroin and the value of presenting this piece at a substance abuse recovery center in Lewiston, Maine.