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Ana Mărgineanu

Ana Mărgineanu is a Romanian theater director. She recently started PopUP Theatrics, a site-specific theater company, in partnership with Tamilla Woodard. Ana’s work has been presented in the main cities of Europe as well as in New York. Her shows won multiple awards, including “Best Play” at London Fringe Awards (The Sunshine Play) and “Best Show” at the Romanian Comedy Festival (5 Miraculous Minutes). Most recently, her site-specific performance The Window: 4 Alice received seven NYIT Awards nominations. She is also an alumnus of The Lincoln Center Directors Lab. Ana worked as an associated professor at the National University of Theatre and Film, Bucharest, and she has lead acting workshops in Athens, Bucharest, New York, and Mexico.

Photo from A Long Distance Affair.
Interview with Ana Margineanu & Tamilla Woodard

Interview with Ana Margineanu & Tamilla Woodard

12 August 2013

Ana Margineanu and Tamilla Woodard talk about how Skype is changing not only the creative experience for artists but also how and where audiences participate in theatre.