Ann James

Ann James is an advocate for the growing field of Intimacy Directors of Color.

Ann James has an extensive career in theatre education. As an internationally certified educator she has had the opportunity to teach on 4 continents. Her stage directing career has allowed her to work on premier stages of the American Theatre such as Steppenwolf, Hartford Stage, The Alley and The Goodman. With over 100 directing credits and in addition to owning China's only registered Expat theatre, DreamWeaver Productions, she is now devoted to making both stage and screen safe places for People of Color to practice their craft. To that end, Ms. James looks forward to pursuing America's first doctoral degree in Afrocentric Intimacy Direction for People of Color.

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Intimate Reform

Intimate Reform

Making Space for Leaders of Color

19 March 2020

Ann C. James reflects on the quickly growing field of intimacy direction, arguing that it is vital for the leadership to include people of color so that stories centering on racialized sexual trauma and non-white romantic intimacy can be told in the most truthful ways.