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Anne Bothwell

Anne Bothwell is director of the Art&Seek initiative, which is bringing more stories about arts and culture in North Texas to KERA radio, television, and the Web. She invites you—and all creative folks—to join the conversation and connect with the arts community right now on Art&Seek’s Web site, artandseek.org.

For more than half of her twenty years in journalism, Anne has edited and shaped arts coverage, most recently at The Dallas Morning News. There she helped create the GuideLive arts and entertainment section of the newspaper and led award-winning coverage of the South By Southwest Music Conference. Anne spent 2007 living in Mexico and studying Spanish, so when she’s not looking for guest bloggers, overseeing radio and television reports or attending arts events, you’ll find her practicing her new language skills.

Stagger Lee and the Digital Storytelling Project

Stagger Lee and the Digital Storytelling Project

A Conversation with Anne Bothwell

6 April 2015

Commons producer Jonathan Norton chats with Anne Bothwell about Stagger Lee: Making a Musical, a digital storytelling project tracking the development of Will Power’s new musical.