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Beatrice Basso is a theater maker based in Southern California, where she curates the international exchange Práctica and recently directed Anna Moench’s Mothers at WNPF. She is ensemble member with Affinity Project, whose pieces have been presented at CounterPulse and YBCA, and one of them named one of “five wildest theatrical moments of 2015” (with Wooster Group and Rude Mechs) by KQED/Theater Junkie. Bea co-devises pieces on nostalgia and dislocation, shared at Diasporas Festival and Cutting Ball Theater. She recently served as A.C.T.’s Director of New Work, where she launched New Strands, the theater’s first free multi-disciplinary festival. She is a graduate in theater and classics from the University of Padua, Italy, and of Wesleyan University’s Institute for Curatorial Practice in Performance.


a fence
Blurring Borders with Práctica/ Borrando las fronteras con Práctica

Blurring Borders with Práctica/ Borrando las fronteras con Práctica

30 July 2018

Beatrice Basso discusses what it was like to bring multidisciplinary artists from north and south of the US-Mexico border together to create and learn from each other in the artist-driven exchange Práctica. / Beatrice Basso analiza cómo fue el intercambio artístico Práctica, en el que artistas del norte y del sur de la frontera México-Estados Unidos se reunieron para crear y aprender unos de otros.

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