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Blair Nodelman

artist, writer, activist, etc.

Blair Nodelman (she/they) is a California born, New Mexico raised, Boston based theatre maker, writer, and communications activist who is deeply invested in the intersection of arts, politics, and social justice as a form of advocacy and community building. She holds an MA in Public Relations with a concentration in Political Communications from Emerson College and a BA in Drama and American Studies with a concentration in Representation and Performance from Tufts University. Blair is currently the Marketing and Communication Associate at ArtsEmerson and the Marketing Director at Sparkhaven Theatre. She also co-founded Homesick Play Project during the COVID-19 pandemic as means for virtual new play development. Blair aims to curate dialogue through communication tactics and contribute to an ever-changing world, fusing the political and the artistic. In her free time, she can be found cuddling her cat, Lila Tov, planning her next outdoor adventure, or perfecting her homemade hummus recipe. www.blair-nodelman.com

a group marching outside with a banner that reads "NEVER AGAIN IS NOW"
Inventing Worlds

Inventing Worlds

What Theatremakers Bring to Organizing

1 February 2021

Blair Nodelman discusses why theatremakers are well suited to deeply understanding the political machine and work toward dismantling the status quo, creating a more equitable and community-based iteration of governing.