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Chad Lindsey

Chad Lindsey is an artist based in New York City. He holds a BA in music from Valparaiso University. He has danced with modern dance companies, been in a boy band, and held many other strange and lovely jobs. Recent performances include: Standartenfurer in Barry Manilow's Harmony at the Ahmanson (LA), Classic Stage Company’s Midsummer Night's Dream (NYC), Pig Iron Theatre's Obie Award-winning Chekhov Lizardbrain, and Liz Swados’ Kaspar Hauser at The Flea Theater in NYC. Chad's film credits include: It's Complicated (don't blink), Girls will be Girls (Sundance), Straight Jacket, Totally Sexy Loser, and Caught. On television he has co-starred on Unforgettable (CBS), Blue Bloods (CBS), Royal Pains (USA), The Beautiful Life (CBS), How I Met Your Mother (CBS), One Life to Live (ABC), and many others.

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It All Comes Back to the Hook

It All Comes Back to the Hook

20 November 2014

Our process is open-source, inquiry-based and ever-evolving. We love hyphens. We flirt at the intersection of playmaking and script writing. We believe that theater requires the whole performer—mind, body, and voice. Often we draw strong, immediate connections that open up a dialogue between past and present, and play on themes of history, science, mathematics, and social justice.

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